06 November 2014


When executing ./bin/drush within a composer-managed project on Linux, I received this error:
``` sh
# ./bin/drush
No such file or directory ```


Eventually, it became apparent that the drush script was failing to execute because it could not find the interpretter. The cause became apparent with this debug info: sh head -1 ./vendor/drush/drush/drush | od -c 0000000   #   !   /   u   s   r   /   b   i   n   /   e   n   v       s 0000020   h  \r  \n 0000023

As you can see, there is a carriage return (\r), which means that the Linux shell script had Windows line-endings. The \r character prevented proper discovery of the interpretter.


  1. Edit ~/.gitconfig (or other git config file) to add autocrlf=input.
  2. Delete ./vendor/drush/drush folder
  3. Update using composer to clone a fresh copy of drush with proper line endings.
# cat ~/.gitconfig
  autocrlf = input
... (your other settings)
# rm -rf ./vendor/drush/drush
# composer update

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